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"A happy sound to unwind to. Led by Jesse Deane-Freeman on Hammond, vocals and dry humour. Jesse has charmed people across Australia for many years with not only great keyboard ability but also fine guitar and a distinctive voice. He now has a new band incarnation for these excellent musical skills! A line up to highlight for us in particular his skill with the great Hammond Organ, This will also move his music territory away from the more classical blues, he is so well known for, but not too far!" - Yacek Jazz Agency

"He is real - the genuine blues article!" Rick Montgomery, proprietor of Johno's Blues Bar

"He is an absolute natural. There's not too many bluesmen who can play piano and guitar, and sing up to his level, and very few in Australia." Tony Hiller, Cairns Post

"He has the ghost of Otis Spann in his hands." Kurt Derbyshire, 4CCR FM, Cairns

"Obviously he is a major new talent - you get the feeling Australia won't be big enough for him for long." Noel Mengel, Brisbane Courier Mail

The Jesse Deane-Freeman Trio

Jesse Deane-Freeman has been playing music since age seven, gigging since age fifteen and a full time professional musician since age eighteen. After more than a decade of playing piano and guitar with his band the "Rhythm Aces", he decided to switch to playing Hammond organ full-time.

The Jesse Deane-Freeman Trio, formed in 2004, allowed the addition of a second instrumentalist whilst maintaining the tightness and vitality of a three piece band.

Like the original Hammond trios of the 1950's and 60's the Jesse Deane-Freeman Trio features an original 1962 Hammond C3 (on which the bass is played with keyboard and pedals), guitar and drums.

Guitarist Sav Palaktsoglou is well known from bands such as the Streamliners, The Healers, the T-Bones and his solo performances - he is one of the most authentic and original blues guitarists around.

Mario Marino on drums has the rare combination of great technical skill and great "feel". With Mario on-board the trio has been able to expand into new styles and to gel into a tight, responsive, improvisational band.

The Trio gives all three musicians the opportunity to stretch out further than they've been able to before. Even if you've seen Jesse, Sav or Mario before, you haven't heard them like this!

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