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My first Hammond album - this is the album of which I am most proud, the playing, the band, the recording and the material all worked out just how I had hoped. For the last six years I've been trying to make an album good enough to release - rebuilding the Hammond and Leslie, practicing, rehearsing the material, saving the money - all for this! I hope you like it as much as I do! (there are some preview tracks here). This album is also available for sale at the Semaphore Worker's Club.

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(Only 6 copies left!)My first solo album! Released August 28, 2010. Can be purchased here. This is a collection of 9 country blues songs from the 1920s '30s and '40s played on my National Style "O". I recorded these songs in April this year up until the night before I cut the end of my finger off - cutting the album short as well! But there's still half an hour of blues on there!

Live at Johnno's Blues Bar

This was my first album, recorded in 1996 when I was twenty years old! To be honest ist's not really very good but it has great historical importance to me! It was recorded live at what became known as the "old" Johnno's Blues Bar (on the Esplenade) in Cairns, Queensland. I think the best I can say is that it captures some of the energy of the first band I led in my professional career. Not much of a sales pitch I know!

It features Neil Mellon on bass, Dan Solowiej on drums and Barry Farlow on tenor sax.

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Hello Long Distance

This was recorded at Select Sound in Cairns in 2000. This featured the second incarnation of the Rhythm Aces; Geoff Brown and Dan Solowiej. At this time we were playing every night so the band is nice and tight here, and the singing and playing's improved since 1996!

At the time I thought the band had a bit too much of a "rock" sound and should have been more "traditional", but in hindsight I think it was better to be natural and honest which is what this record was!

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One To Love

My third album, released in 2004 was recorded at Mixmasters in the Adelaide Hills. It features Paul Thomson on drums and Brian Millar on bass. The singing and playing improved again since 2000 and there were some good songs on here. Unfortunately one of us played out of tune on a lot of the songs...but maybe that doesn't matter too much, a lot of blues records have out of tune bits...! Sell, sell sell!

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